The mission of the Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade is to provide high-quality entertainment through an enjoyable, family-friendly experience that kicks off the holiday season.

The Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade, a privately-sponsored event, invites participants based exclusively on their ability to provide appropriate family entertainment suitable for this cherished national holiday. While the parade respects and embraces the diversity of causes in our community, state and nation, it cannot be used to promote special interests, no matter how worthy. 

The Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade organizers will not consider incomplete applications and reserve the right to make all determinations related to participation in the Parade on the basis of entertainment value. By submitting an application, prospective participants accept this participation policy.

In making decisions about participants, the Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade considers whether prospective units :

  • Represent the best the region has to offer, such as health, sports, entertainment, the arts, and innovation
  • Promote tourism and enhance the marketing efforts of Charlotte’s Center City
  • Exemplify the region's wide cultural diversity
  • Present an attractive, cohesive, coordinated group appearance
  • Add to the Parade's overall entertainment value

No commercial entities are allowed to participate in the parade without a sponsorship. Please contact us for more information.

CCCP does not recognize pageant winners as an acceptable parade entry.

CCCP reserves the right to refuse entries that may be disruptive, overly loud or unruly or lack a theme, cause, or family-friendly message.


The parade organizers are seeking up to 16 marching bands to participate in the 2017 parade. This category is inclusive of woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments and may also include auxiliary units of flags, dancers, majorettes, rifles, letter girls and pompom girls. The selection committee will extend invitations to the top 16 bands to participate in the 2017 Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade. Please see the application for more information regarding the WBTV Battle of the Bands Rules and Regulations.


This category contains dance teams versed in various types of dance, including but not limited to: step/drill, Irish dance, and clogging. We are looking for teams that are both talented and entertaining. Dance teams may be assigned to a sponsored float or unit to enhance the entertainment value. Parade organizers will work with the dance teams to determine appropriate music and costumes.


This category includes any units that are motorized or comprised of walkers and offers an excellent opportunity to let your creativity show. Units included in this category may include, but are not limited to:

  • “Specialty vehicles,” such as antique cars, fire engines, carriages, race cars, etc.
  • Car and motorcycle clubs
  • Community organizations or neighborhood groups
  • Talent able to perform while walking (jugglers, stilt walkers, etc.)
  • Dogs and other tame animals accompanied by human handlers. Handlers are required to clean up any animal waste that occurs during staging, route and disband areas.
  • No saddled horses are allowed in the parade.

Have you always wanted to walk in the parade but you don't fit into any of the above categories? Contact us for more info!